Specialist professions require specialist recruiters. 
We place high calibre professionals working in specialist careers with top companies looking for top candidates.  
W. Kapapiro - Managing Director
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Specialist  Recruiters for Senior Executives

Fingertip Recruitment is a boutique recruitment agency specialising in placing high level professionals working in niche professions with leading companies in their sectors. We are candidate focussed in our approach, instead of sector focussed. We know that good talent is hard to find across all sectors. We work with high achievers and place them in the most suitable positions for them based on their experience and background; creating opportunities to match the expectations.

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We cover the following sectors: 
 Banking & Finance
 Project Management 
 Sales & Marketing 
 And more
 Specialist professionals
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Hospital Manager
Our client is a private hospital. they are looking for experienced hospital managers across London.
Current vacancies
Project Manager
A unique opportunity to join a FTSE 100 firm on contract. Looking for experienced individual.
Project management
Business Analyst
Based in the City of London, our client is a leading finance institution.
Regional Sales Director
Our client has recently expanded and seeks an experienced ground-breaker.